24/7 Customer Support
From $130/per month

IPTV Streaming Servers

Best price for IPTV service, Live Streaming without Buffering
From $130/per month

Automatic Replacement

Automatic server update once down , Server locations are Europe , America and Asia
From $130/per month

Unmetered , High Bandwidth

All Unmetered servers , 2~5Gbps , High bandwidth , Ability to Handle Heavy Traffic
From $130/per month

DMCA Ignored

Flexible with DMCA Complaints

DMCA Free Unmetered Streaming Server

We provide server which ignores DMCA 100% We can provide 1 or 2 hours test before you purchase. When you purchase our servers in bulk , we provide huge discount.


8CPU , 64G RAM , 1.5~2Gbps , SSD-250G , Uptime 2~4 weeks , Unmetered ( Europe , Asia , America )
130 USD/per month
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8CPU , 64G RAM , 2.5~4 Gbps , SSD-500G , Uptime 2~4 weeks , Unmetered ( Europe , Asia , America )
150 USD /per month
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32CPU , 128G RAM , 3~5 Gbps , SSD-500G , Uptime 1~2 weeks , Unmetered ( Europe , Asia , America )
200 USD /per month
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Who can use our servers?

Our server is up and running and flawless. This is good for the IPTV, and for server reseller's who is looking for a cheap server.

Use our servers for loadbalanced

We are providing high performance and unmetered bandwidth. We strongly recommend to use our servers as load balanced streaming server. Don't use it as Main server or Data server , because server can be died within uptime. You should be able to switch with replacement as soon as possible

DMCA report

If you receive DMCA report , our server can be died or not. It is optional and if died , we provide new replacement as soon as possible. We don't recommend you get too much DMCA report.

Skype/Chat Support

Our VAs will be connected with you 24/7. If you have any problem regarding the server , we are fixing it as soon as possible Our VAs are based on Philippine.


We can receive payment through paypal or payoneer. You can test 1 or 2 hours and if good , you can pay.

Server Location

Normally , we are providing Germany , France , London , Netherland servers but if you want , we can prepare Asia , America , Africa and Australian servers Actually , we have servers all over the world. ( 70 countries )

DMCA report

We ignore any DMCA report.

Skype/Chat Support

24/7 available for skype and chat.


We accept paypal/payoneer no bitcoin

Server Location

Normally Europe , but all over the world if you want.

Server Performance

We are providing high performance servers only
Dedicated GC-64
Dedicated AZ-64
Dedicated AW-128
Hardware Intel(R) Xeon(R) Intel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8272CL Intel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8259CL
Memory 64G RAM 64G RAM 128G RAM
SSD 250GB storage 250GB storage/td> 500GB storage
Bandwidth 1~2GBps (5Gbps Dedicated Port) 2~4Gbps (5Gbps Dedicated Port) 3~5Gbps (10Gbps Dedicated Port)
Uptime 2~4 weeks 2~4 weeks 1~2 weeks
Price 130 USD 150 USD 200 USD
Discount Price (10 servers) 120 USD 140 USD 180 USD
Location Europe/America/Asia Europe/America/Asia Europe/America/Asia
Operating System Linux/Windows Linux/Windows Linux/Windows
Choose a Plan Choose a Plan Choose a Plan

Our Guarantee

We can guarantee our server quality. We are doing this business over 3 years Sometimes we have problem with uptime. That's why our server is cheap. But once the server is down , we are replacing it as soon as possible.

24/7/365 Support

We are using Skype chat mainly. So we recommend you use skype for the discuss with us. Several VAs will support you regarding the server.

Mutiple Server Guarantee

We recommend you purchase multiple servers. We can guarantee only one server down at a time. So if you use multiple servers , it will be more secure for your business. We recommend you use hybrid mode like AZ and GCP

High Server Performance

Our server is from premium datacenter. The server quality is very good , AZ is best.

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